Guides & Templates


All of our resources are designed with your business and growth needs in mind. We are in the process of building a selection of guides and templates, based on the most common needs we help clients address. Scroll down to see the resources coming your way, and sign up to get notified when they are ready.

Early-Stage Resources


Ideation Action Plan

A framework for organizing your creative thoughts to bring your idea into reality


Business Plan Template

Your investor document fundamentals: business plans and executive summary templates.


Brand Identity Template

A simple exercise for determining your brand identity and your audience

Mid-Stage Growth Resources


Buyer Persona Exercise

Identify your target audience and map out your buyer persona journey


Pitch Deck Template

Template for putting your best foot forward when presenting to customers and investors


Pitching Fundamentals

Key components of any company deck


Sales & Marketing Funnel Fundamentals

A closer look at how sales and marketing work together, and how to start optimizing the funnel


Company Sales Deck Template

Key components of any company sales deck


One-Pager Sales Collateral Template

Key components of your company one-pager

Job-Seeking Resources

For those in search of jobs in tech companies or other organizations, The Port will help you identify your strengths and passions, and give you the skills to navigate the global job market. Explore the guides the guides below, and reach out for help with: Resume Review, Personal Branding, or Career Coaching.


Personal Branding Tips

How to highlight your strengths and make your passions shine


Resume Template

All the must-have sections of a resume, in a customizable template


Resume Best Practices

Easy, actionable tips to build a great resume and put your best foot forward (on paper)