Determine Your Pricing to Optimize Your Revenue


Depending on what your product or service is, it will require a different pricing approach. Some approaches include price skimming (setting a relatively high price first then lowering it over time), market penetration (setting a low cost first to quickly attract new customers), among others.

This pricing strategy calculator will determine if your product is better fit for a price-skimming market strategy or a market-penetration market strategy. By evaluating the product on various factors, we will determine if the maximum revenue would come from charing a high price to a small segment or charging a low price for a larger market share.

The survey will take about five minutes and will allow you to learn about the market fit of the product. Please note that though this survey is accurate, it may be easier for start-ups to pursue a market-penetration strategy, given that start-ups don’t have a large customer base to begin with.

Determine the best pricing model for your product through this simple survey! Simply fill out the form to the left to access the survey.

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