In Celebration of Women's Month: Inspiring Insights from the Women of #ThoughtImports


A monthly declaration and celebration that traces its beginnings to the beginning of the 20th century, Women’s History Month – also known as Women’s Month – is an initiative that has honored the progress of women and their evolving role in society. Today, March not only serves as a remembrance of all the women who came before us, but is also a period to stop and reflect upon the evolution of women across all fields in business and the world. And while there is still a long way to go, it is the continuance of this legacy left by the strong women before us that will help us all move forward together.

So, in honor of Women’s Month – and all the courage, inspiration, and achievements of the strong women in the world who are rising in the ranks today and those who will continue to carry on the legacy in generations to come – we will be sharing special female-powered editions of our #ThoughtImports series all month long.

To kick things off, here’s a look back at some of the inspiring and empowering insights from the female builders, creators, and thought leaders of our series to date.

Best Practices Across Business Areas

On Growth in Burgeoning Markets, with Global Associate & Advisor Kristy Willard

“I believe in helping small businesses grow. It is these small, incremental actions that will compound to develop an emerging economy. My personal belief is that any business that grows, expands, and hires more people adds value to an economy. Seeing that benefit and that engagement is what inspires me.”

“I really believe in helping small businesses grow to develop an economy. I also want to see the direct results of the work that I’m doing. Any business that can grow, expand, and hire more people adds value to an economy. A business should focus on being a business and will create and generate impact if it does what it does well. Seeing that benefit on the overall economy and that engagement is what inspires me.”

On Product Marketing, with Product Marketing Pro Amanda Jones

“We innovate so quickly in today’s world and many great ideas never blossom because they’re not communicated effectively. Product marketing is that translation of something technical into the value it can offer a consumer".”

“Everyone in the company should understand this and be aligned around [your product marketing]. You don’t need a ton of materials in the early stages, but you do need to establish consistency in the way you communicate your product. ”

On Design for Business, with Nigerian Entrepreneur & Creative Director Susan Onigbinde

“For small business, design is a way to innovate, and think creatively. Good design can help small businesses creatively solve problems.”

“Devising your brand strategy helps you come out strong, grounded and well-positioned. Don’t underestimate the importance of this.”

“A proper brand strategy not only provides more consistent tangible design across the board, it will help in building long lasting relationships with your customer.”

On BD & Strategic Partnerships, with Head of Revenue Melissa Pegus

“Business Development (BD) is essentially figuring out the best way to create long-term value for your company. Will this be through partnerships, acquisitions, or new products? It is a broad multidisciplinary function that touches every part of a company. It’s important to note that not every company approaches BD in the same way.”

“All partnerships have the potential to radically change the trajectory of a business.”

On Marketing and Content, with Content Marketing Manager Stephanie Wharton

“Content marketing is interesting because it touches every other type of marketing. It grows and evolves based on the needs of the business. People who produce content in this way become subject matter experts (SME’s) in many different facets of the business.”

“Often times we think about a B2B buyer as different from the B2C buyer. But somebody purchasing SAAS software is no different than a person purchasing a sofa.”

On Customer Success, with Customer Support & Operations expert Georgia Tsiamanta

“An effective Customer Success department requires a full team, an internal strategy, and additional systems in place. Companies must invest in this path by training high-skilled people who can help you improve your retention rate and effectively upsell your product.”

“Churn is expensive. For SaaS companies, it is expensive to acquire new customers, but it is far less expensive to keep current customers. You cannot afford to lose recurring customers that are paying you monthly, annually, and for life. Because of this, you have to make sure your customers are satisfied and happy with your service. This way, they bring you more value, can be your advocates, and can bring more awareness and growth for your product.”

Inspiration for Work & Life Across All Markets

How to Succeed in Business

“Design a product that works for one person and then scale it from there. It is tried and true, and it works.” – Kristy Willard

“Critical thinking, asking questions, and being curious are some of the most important skills you can have in business today.” – Amanda Jones

“Have empathy and care about your customers. Simple as that. And be true to yourself. You should care both for the customers and for the team in order to succeed.” – Georgia Tsiamanta

“Critical thinking and asking questions and being curious is an important skill, because things get outdated fast. You need to continue to learn so you have to have that curious mindset. And if you’re not asking questions, you’re probably not inspired in your job. If I’m not asking questions, I have to evaluate. Always striving, always growing. If you’re not uncomfortable, what are you really learning?” – Amanda Jones

“Just like all challenges out there, you can overcome any challenge you are given by coming up with creative ways to address them.” – Susan Onigbinde

“Establish what your own north star is, and always come back to there and make sure that everything is mapping back to what your goals are for yourself, your product, and your organization. It needs to be one place that you can go to stay organized and understand things at a glance. It is the one source of truth … For your own career, for your own product, for your own brand. It’s the one thing you can keep coming back to. ” – Amanda Jones

How to Keep Pushing Forward

“Don’t give up. Once you overcome a certain challenge, whenever it comes back, if it comes back, you are equipped to combat it better. Truly every challenge and failure” is an opportunity for immense growth. The challenges you face and overcome make you stronger and more resilient. Learning from challenges makes it all worth it.” – Susan Onigbinde

“An aphorism that I believe is that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats.’ I am inspired by the amazing people in my network. I constantly ask myself, “How can my success create opportunity for the people around me in the same way their success has impacted me?” – Melissa Pegus

“Just show up. Do the work. When you say you’re going to meet someone for coffee, meet them for coffee. When you say you’re going to devote 30 minutes to writing, do it. It’s not about who’s the smartest or who has the most resources. The person who shows up to the arena ready to do the work and fight is the one who will succeed.” – Stephanie Wharton

“We can get intimidated by the big ask or big challenge, but at the end of the day, people are willing to help. Especially when they see someone working hard to make their dreams come true. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Every ‘no’ you hear is taking you one step closer to a yes! Keep the ask reasonable and show you’re willing to go the extra mile. And then reciprocate. That’s the power of the give and take.” – Melissa Pegus

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