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Engineering Solutions for Tech & Life: Insights from Spiro S.

“Human beings have a natural tendency to want to solve issues they see. We are all trying to find better solutions to problems that surround us.” Spiro S, an engineer from big tech in San Francisco, shares insights on using engineering to create, build, and solve.

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The Universal Truths of Building New Partnerships & Ventures – with Andrew Harrington

For businesses to scale, they must not only have a vision but also craft the right partnerships. We sit down with founder, business development leader, and creative director Andrew Harrington to break down the fundamentals of creating partnerships and building creative ventures.

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From Startup Founder to VC: An Interview with Apostolos Papadopoulos

From starting his own company to working in foreign policy to now getting into venture capital, Apostolos Papadopoulos has seen it all. In this #ThoughtImports, we sit down with Apostolos to get best practices on building and investing in businesses, and insights on the future of Greek tech.

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