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Greek Tech on the Rise in Fintech

In the past few years, global lines between traditional finance and technology have begun to blur and the Fintech industry has become increasingly competitive. In Greece, Fintech is not an industry that first comes to mind for many people, but it certainly deserves more credit than it is given. In this post of our #GreekTechRising series, we delve into the Fintech sector of the Greek economy and highlight some notable startups in the ecosystem.

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Navigating Strategic Partnerships, Fintech, and Greek Tech with Spiro Antonopoulos

In a world that is increasingly digitized - and soon to be tokenized - strategic partnerships are as critical as ever. We sat down with Spiro Antonopoulos – VP of Strategic Partnerships at Kuvacash – to gain insights about strategic partnerships and business development in the world of cryptocurrency.

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