Live from Startup Grind NYC: Insights from Serial Entrepreneur & Author, Alejandro Cremades


Last night, The Port went back to its New York tech roots and had the honor of taking over the Twitter of Startup Grind NYC. Having grown from a 30-person meetup to today’s community of over 10K+ startuppers and those passionate about tech, Startup Grind NYC is a staple event in the New York tech ecosystem.

Last night’s event was held at Alley New York and featured Alejandro Cremades, serial entrepreneur and the author of The Art of Startup Fundraising (with a foreword by ‘Shark Tank‘ entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran, named one of the best fundraising books of all time in 2018). Most recently, Alejandro built and exited CoFoundersLab, one of the largest communities of founders online.


With Alejandro’s extensive background and the diverse audience, the evening held insights for all — from those building businesses to those exploring the entrepreneurial world. Here were the tips and highlights, pulled live from the Twitter conversation during the event:

How to build & manage investor relations

“Expectations are key. Before you receive the money, there needs to be a clear understanding of the expectations from that investor on your actual business.”

How early stage startups should think about financing

“Always think long term. The financing round you raise today will impact funding you’ll be able to receive in the future. First, look at the future then reverse engineer to today.”

When to fundraise

Your duty (as a founder) is to ensure that the company survives. Don’t delay the fundraising process ... the time to raise money is now. It’s better to have 1% of a billion than 100% of nothing.”

How to build investor relations

Identify the right investor to come on board, and bring them on as an advisor first.” @acremades #StartupGrindNYC #SGNYCxThePort

How to find the best investors

"When you're raising funds, many time it is not about the firm, it’s about the individual partners." The best investors are the ones who have been there done that. A little tip for #startup founders raising funds.”


The power of the right team

For founders looking for cofounders, investors - if you have the right people, you will eventually find your way to success.”

What qualities you want in a co-founder

“Find a co-founder whose strength is your weakness... get to know each other, so some small projects to see how the relationship and the dynamic is.”

On cutting through today’s content noise

"There's a lot of noise and that's an issue. There's a lot of bells and whistles, when really what matters is what happens behind the lights. It's tough to find that content that is authentic. So, try to find a couple of experts within each domain and follow those instead of media outlets (where you are not so sure of who’s actually writing the articles).”

To see the full live feed from last night’s event, check out #SGNYCxThePort and follow @StartupGrindNYC for live insights from all their speakers.

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