OK!Thess Workshop Recap: From Buyer Personas to Conversions


The Port hosted round two of the Marketing Strategies for Startups workshop in Thessaloniki at OK!Thess yesterday. The audience was composed of business students, founders, marketers, and executives. It was an awesome crowd of about 100 attendees. The questions asked were insightful and challenging, showing us that the audience was truly engaged and grasping the content in the workshop.  Here is an overview of the content that was presented at the workshop.


Topics Recap

We started the presentation with a brief introduction about The Port and the purpose of the workshop (to explain what content marketing is and why it’s important).

Then we got into the meat of the presentation by explaining what buyer personas are and why they are important. Buyer personas are a way for companies to segment and target their audience. By understanding factors like age, background, demographic, and more information about their potential customers, a company can tailor and target its content to each of these specific personas, as opposed to mass marketing randomly. For more information about Buyer Personas and to get started on creating your buyer personas, download our template.

From Buyer Personas, we moved on to the Buyer journey. Once you know who your buyers are, it is important to understand the series of steps it takes for them to make a decision about your solution. The buyer journey has three phases: awareness, consideration, and decision. You need to be producing different types of content for each of these stages in order to move your lead through the buyer journey funnel and ultimately convert him/her into a customer.

After understanding buyer personas and the journey buyers will take to get to you, we moved on to content creation and tracking. We discussed the importance of creating a content home-base that maps out your business objective to a content category. Within each content category, you create different pieces of content. Finally and crucially, you must track the performance of each piece of content using analytics in order to understand what types and what pieces of content are fulfilling your business objectives.

Next, we discussed the link between marketing and sales. A frequently asked question that we hear a lot is, “My sales team is closing all the deals. Why do we even need marketing?” To answer this question, we went back to buyer journey funnel. The role of marketing is to generate awareness and drive leads to the top of the funnel. Then marketing and sales works together to move leads through the pipeline until, finally, the sales team closes the deals. Marketing has immense power and is a crucial function in every business: however, the direct link between marketing efforts and customer conversions is harder to see and measure. It requires patience; marketing is a long game.

We wrapped with some case studies to showcase real-world application of the content covered in the workshop. If you’d like to check out the full presentation, you can find it here (or by clicking on the image below).


The Rise of Thessaloniki and Greek Tech

This week was a big one for tech in Thessaloniki. The Afixis Hackathon this weekend was a huge success and the marketing for startups workshop had a great turnout. The event was everything we could have hoped for thanks to the help of the Ok!Thess team and the excited audience. We know that we will be coming back to Thessaloniki soon for another workshop!

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