Marketing for Startups: Athens Workshop Recap


The Port’s “Marketing for Startups” workshop just wrapped up. It was everything we could have hoped for thanks to our incredible audience — all of you!

In total, we had close to one hundred attendees show up! Once we figured out people weren’t only here for the free beer (although it sure didn’t hurt), we launched fully into our presentation, hosted with The Content Strategist. Although we had some classic technical difficulties at the beginning (would it even be a presentation if there are no technical difficulties?) we quickly got into the meat of the material and spent the next hour discussing how to create a content marketing strategy.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 16.09.47.png

We started by outlining the top marketing mistakes companies make, segued into understanding your audience through buyer persona analysis, took our audience through the buyer journey, and finally discussed how to create content tailored to your specific customers. Whew! It certainly was a lot of content for a content marketing presentation...

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 16.13.15.png

See the full presentation and the templates here (or click on the image below).


It was truly inspiring to meet all of you, feel your passion and excitement, and hear about your revolutionary ideas.

To see #Greektech in action from the evening (and find/tag yourself and your friends who came), check out the full event photo album here!

We hope you found the information valuable and we hope to see you at our next workshop (big thank you to coworking space Stone Soup for hosting us last night!). If you liked what you heard yesterday and want to stay informed about future workshops and activities, trends, and best practices about Greek Tech, subscribe to our newsletter today!