Greek Tech on the Rise in Travel & Tourism


Greece is a hub for tourism & travel, from its rich culture and long coastline to its world famous beaches and islands. So, it comes as a natural evolution that technology is emerging to disrupt the space — aiming to make experiences better and more efficient for tourists, vacation property owners, travel agencies, and all other stakeholders in the industry. In this next post of our #GreekTechRising series, we dive into the travel and tourism industry to explore key stats and trends on the growth of the industry, and some companies in the space that are making waves.

Drastic, Positive Growth in the Tourism Sector

In 2018, Greece attracted over 33 million visitors, making it one of the most visited countries in Europe and the world. Greece’s tourism & travel industry contributed 16 billion euros — about 25% of the country’s GDP — and accounts for about one fifth of jobs. The major tourist destinations include Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Corfu, and Crete. For the past six years, there has been drastic positive growth in the tourism sector.

Making Greece’s Tourism Product Even More Competitive

For the next year, the Ministry of Travel & Tourism has presented a growth strategy. He aims to make Greece’s tourism product even more competitive by increasing capacity and quality of 4- and 5-star hotels, developing six more home ports for cruises, increasing travel packages, and launching new direct flights for connectivity. The Ministry hopes that these measures will increase the amount of tourism in Greece.

Companies Disrupting the Travel Space

As the travel and tourism industry continues to grow and evolve in Greece, we see a diverse range of companies that are emerging to address different aspects of the tourist’s journey. We see companies that focus on car rental, ticketing platforms, luggage, audio tours, and more. Here are five examples of companies that are revolutionizing the tourism industry in Greece:

Welcome Pickups
Making Airport Arrivals and Transfers More Pleasant

Welcome Pickups provides a friendly and personalized experience for travelers. It provides a pick-up service from the airport with English-speakers, making the travelers comfortable. Welcome offers voyagers everything they will need — SIM cards, prepaid bank cards, WiFi hotspots, tickets for attractions (with line skipping) – conveniently at the very beginning of the trip. Welcome provides recommendations for tours and activities based on your preferences and allows you access to the Welcome driver for any trips! And, for any questions or issues, Welcome provides 24/7 hours email and phone support.


Making Vacation Rental Home Owners’ Lives Easier

Syncbnb is a calendar synchronization tool for vacation rental home owners, allowing them to coordinate their property listings on multiple channels to avoid double booking. By combining AI, UX, and software development, Syncbnb provides a 100% reliable service in connecting the various platforms, unlike any other service available. Syncbnb allows vacation home owners to rent across many platforms including Airbnb, Homeaway,, Tripadvisor, and more.

Digitizing the Ferry Booking Process

Ferryhopper provides ferry tickets and services for 36 ferry companies, allowing travelers to easily find their tickets to island hop. The booking site provides direct and indirect ferry trips between the islands of Greece, Italy and Turkey, and allows travelers to book multiple ferry trips at once. Ferryhopper is the one-stop shop for ferry bookings: it includes all the ticket prices and schedules, simplifying the process of booking ferry tickets.

Offering Authentic Local Experiences

Grekaddict is a travel activities platform that allows travelers to book tours and activities. It allows tourists to get information and explore options and then book the authentic travel experiences on the spot. Particularly, Grekaddict specializes in offering hand-picked, quality experiences. They want travelers to witness the hidden gems of Greece and experience the customers, traditions, and spiti of Greek people. Through offerings in Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Meteora, Olympus, Athens, Peloponnese, Olympus, and more cities, Grekaddict hopes to provide tourists unique, authentic experiences.


Clio Muse
Providing Self-Guided Digital Audio Tours in Multiple Languages

Clio Muse is an app (available on Android and iOS) that provides self-guided digital audio tours. This provides a platform in which travel agents and other resellers can sell the self-guided digital audio tours with no availability limits. In the app, travellers can listen to tours that are curated by professional, accredited tour-guides and are inspired by the rich culture of Greece. The content is available online and offline and in many languages. As of now, the destinations include Athens, Delphi, Crete, Mykonos, Zante, Peloponnese, Karpathos, Thessaloniki, Florence, Rome and Venice.


Greek Tech Rising

Travel and Tourism is one of the major verticals undergoing transformation through technology. Explore the rest of the #GreekTechRising series to learn more about other trending industries, emerging ventures in each space, how they are all contributing to the overall rise of the Greek tech ecosystem.

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