From Coding to Pitches at #AfixisHackathon


This weekend, Afixis — an organization for students by students — hosted its inaugural hackathon, Afixis Hackathon 2018. The hackathon invited students from all over Greece to #CodetheFuture by coming out and building their ideas over the course of 3 days. Winners would receive €300 from Afixis and a pitch session with Greek VC Velocity Partners to help launch their idea.

Coding the Future

Computer Science Mentor Sotiris helping team with their code

Computer Science Mentor Sotiris helping team with their code

The weekend was an exciting one filled with code, pizza, and pitches. (Find photos from the event here!)

The brightly coloured, well-lit space at Ok!Thess was buzzing with entrepreneurial energy. The hackathon participants were 8 teams of 2-4 participants each; some came together as already established teams; others came as individuals and met the people that they would collaborate over the next 3 days and potentially beyond.

The coding began on Friday as students got together to brainstorm ideas and set the foundation for the projects that they would build over the next few days. Pitching would happen on Sunday evening, with notable professionals from all over Greece (from professors to investors to Greek tech veterans) coming to judge, evaluate, and provide feedback on these aspiring ventures.

Hacking Up New Innovations

Business Mentor Lucy helping TeamUp craft their pitch for the judges

Business Mentor Lucy helping TeamUp craft their pitch for the judges

As teams geared up for the final presentation by building pitches, The Port helped out by jumping from table to table, helping the teams refine and streamline their ideas. Here is a list of some of the ideas that teams hacked up at the event:

  • FDC: An app for current restaurant availability using GPS

  • My Best Friend: Volunteering platform for dog owners

  • Smartify: Arduino that turns home electric devices to smart devices

  • Sobify: App that measures how drunk a person is

  • ATTEND: App that endorses local activities and events

  • App that suggests the nearest open pharmacy

  • TeamUp: App that searches and finds football games near you

Hackathon Winners!

Hackathon Winners!

At the end of the final day, the judges went around to each table, provided their feedback, and submitted their ratings using an method called Gavel, pioneered by MIT for its own hackathons. This innovative method has judges use pairwise comparisons (comparing one project to the one next to it) instead of having judges produce absolute scores. This method takes these pairwise inputs to produce high-quality judging results.

The winning teams were Sobify, Smartify, and ATTEND (built by a group of high school students!).

Empowering the Young, Entrepreneurial Minds of Greece

While each team was comprised of different people with different backgrounds hacking up different ideas, the one thing they had in common was this: when asked how they felt as they were entering the judging round, they all said that they felt accomplished. That there was a sense of achievement, excitement, and a bit of nervousness in bringing something to life and showcasing it to the world.

It was inspiring to take part in an event empowering students and the young entrepreneurial minds of Greece. #AfixisHackathon was a crucial first step in helping young entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life with programming & technology. We had an awesome time helping hackers and engineers at Afixis Hackathon at OK!Thess craft their pitches for the judging round. Congrats to the winning teams!

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