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In Celebration of Women's Month: Inspiring Insights from the Women of #ThoughtImports

In honor of Women’s Month – and the continuance of an ever-evolving legacy left by the strong women before us – The Port will be sharing special female-powered editions of our #ThoughtImports series all month long. To kick things off, here’s a look back at insights from the female thought leaders of our series to date.

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The Universal Truths of Building New Partnerships & Ventures – with Andrew Harrington

For businesses to scale, they must not only have a vision but also craft the right partnerships. We sit down with founder, business development leader, and creative director Andrew Harrington to break down the fundamentals of creating partnerships and building creative ventures.

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Charting the Lands of 5G in the 4th Industrial Revolution – with Joshua Ness

We stand at the beginning of a new era of transformation, driven by the rapid acceleration of technology innovation across startups and corporations of all verticals. For insights on this shift and how companies can thrive with the changing tides, we sat down with NYC technology thought leader Joshua Ness.

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