6 Resources & Best Practices for Investor Pitch Decks

Source:  Marketoonist

Source: Marketoonist

You have an incredible idea, a working product, and a fantastic team. But as a new startup, even with a revolutionary idea and a fully functional product, you can’t scale your company unless you have a stellar pitch deck.

Communicating your vision to both investors and customers is crucial in order to receive funding and convert interested parties into customers.

You know your product is amazing, now you need to show that to the rest of the world.

A pitch deck that communicates your startup’s vision clearly and concisely is the most important tool to have in your toolkit.

When you google how to create a pitch deck, the results are overwhelming! There are too many pieces out there. We decided to do the work for you and compile a list of the best resources from all over the web to help you get started on your pitch deck creation journey. Read on in order to receive funding from VCs, get buy in, and get potential customers excited about your amazing idea.

Our Favorite Pitch Deck Resources

  1. Piktochart compiled 30 pitch decks from famous companies that have now gone public in this incredibly useful blog post. From Facebook, to airbnb, to youtube, see what the tech giants did when they were just starting out! We also love this blog post because it showcases the best practices of each pitch deck. This post is definitely the best way to see a diverse group of examples and figure out how you want to tell your own story. Remember, although all pitch decks must contain certain key elements, none of them are the same. Your’s will be unique as well.

  2. Andy Raskin’s Medium post about the greatest sales deck he’s ever seen. In this post he details the 5 elements about this deck that makes is stand out. It introduces a sweeping movement overtaking the world, showing what types of companies will stay relevant and which will disappear as this movement gains traction, show the utopia that life would be with your product, finally introduce your product, and present evidence backing your story and your pitch.

  3. This awesome blog piece by Morgan Housel, a partner at the Collaborative Fund, on how to approach content creation in your pitch. Remove unnecessary words and complicated terminology. Eliminate the fluff. Make your point and get out of the way.

Pitch Deck Tips from the Pros

Here are some of our favorite takeaways from interviews with tech thought leaders about what makes a pitch deck stand out to investors.

  1. Amanda Jones, a Product Marketing expert, says that a pitch deck stands out “when it’s tailored to the client you’re pitching.” People really appreciate when you take the time to research their company, but it should be about your partnership and how you work together.”

  2. Kristy Willard, an expert on raising capital in emerging markets, likes pitch decks that are punchy, succinct, and have lots of pictures and logos. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  3. Anthony Liveris, entrepreneur-turned-investor, only reads one-pagers. Investors are constantly bombarded with information. In an initial screen, they often won’t even look through a whole pitch deck. Create a solid 1-pager that conveys all the necessary information while being as compelling as possible. The advice from the Andy Raskin’s medium post and Morgan Housel’s blog post can be applied here as well.

It’s Time to Build Your Pitch

Need help either creating or revising your pitch deck? We’ve created our a pitch deck template to guide you! This pitch deck template contains the key elements of a pitch deck and what to include on each slide. Use this as a guide but add in industry and product specifics wherever necessary. Pick and choose what advice you think is important and make your pitch deck your own! Download the Pitch Deck Template today to start building your pitch.

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