The Port is a marketing consulting and business advisory firm, helping Greek and U.S. businesses craft messaging and build marketing and business strategies to reach global audiences.

For businesses in the U.S. and Greece, The Port provides marketing and business services to help drive growth. For the Greek market, The Port adapts thought leadership from abroad to equip local businesses with the best practices and professional skills required to be competitive on a global scale.

Come to The Port for the services and resources to support your business at every step of your journey – from fundraising to marketing and scaling.


Adapting best practices from the land of opportunity...

Leverage American expertise to develop the messaging and professionalism that will enable your business to be a viable player on the global scale. 


… and story telling from

the land of creativity.

Combine with Greek creativity & storytelling rooted in Hellenic culture and history, to craft a compelling story and message that engages your audiences.


Lucy Xu

Lucy Xu is a marketer and startup advisor with a background in building brand messaging and marketing programs for B2B SaaS startups, tech companies, and personal brands. Lucy has a degree in business from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2016, Lucy moved from New York City to Athens to work with local startups and turn her love for Greece into a reality. Lucy created The Port to bridge the two professional worlds by adapting the best practices from America for the burgeoning Greek tech market.


Manjari Ganti
Content & Innovation Manager

Manjari Ganti is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in business from The Wharton School and bioengineering from Penn Engineering. Manjari is passionate about harnessing the power of technology and business to spur innovation. She joined The Port to do exactly that in the majestic, bustling, historic city of Athens.


Kathryn Kessler
Freelance Content Strategist

Kathryn Kessler is a writer and content strategist experienced in editorial, advertorial, blog, and long-form writing. Kathryn is inspired by the enthusiasm of emerging businesses and is passionate about enabling them to effectively communicate with their audiences. Based out of South Florida and New York, Kathryn helps The Port build fun, targeted, and engaging content for startups and small businesses. 


Brent Giannota
Freelance Content Strategist

Brent Giannotta is a public relations professional, writer, and journalist with experience reporting on politics, art, travel, and culture. He has a degree in international relations from the University of Southern California and a graduate degree in Middle East studies from the American University in Cairo, Egypt. Brent has written for Thrillist-NY, TimeOut-LA, and spent five years as a Middle East security analyst under President Obama. Based out of New York City, Brent is passionate about using writing to expand the hearts and minds of readers, and drinking lattes.


Demosthenis Imarhiagbe

Demosthenis Imarhiagbe is a public relations persona and nightlife entrepreneur with Masters in International Business Management from ALBA Graduate Business School and a passion for building bridges between the American and Greek entrepreneurial mindsets. With a diversified background in PR, marketing, and event management, Demosthenis helps The Port create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for new voyagers.

“A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.”

Are you ready to navigate uncharted waters?